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10 photo(s) Updated on: 02 Apr 2015
  • Hydrogen Production Using Supercritical Water from Low Grade Biomass from Ontario Livestock Farms
  • Student Posters lined up in Lab Foyer
  • Animated discussions in Lab Foyer
  • Freezing tolerance of Miscanthus
  • Perennial C4 grasses for cold climates: the freezing tolerance of Spartina pectinate vs. Miscanthus x giganteus
  • Producing High Value Microalgal Astaxanthin Using Wastewater From Bioethanol Industry
  • Bioethanol by Fermentation of Syngas Produced from Gasification of Ontario Biomass
  • Development of a functional bioreactor for syngas fermentation into ethanol
  • Polymer Blends of PGBV/PPC for Biomass Composite Applications
  • Effect of aging on the flammability of polypropylene biocomposites

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