Public Seminar, a part of BDDC - OMAFRA – UofG KTT Bioeconomy Seminar Series

  • 04 Oct 2012
  • 2:00 PM - 6:00 PM
  • OVC lifetime Learning Centre, University of Guelph
Public Seminar October 4 2012 - Bioproducts Discovery and Development Centre OMAFRA - UofG KTT

Hosted by Prof. Amar Mohanty, Director of Bioproducts Discovery and Development Centre (BDDC).

Please RSVP to Rizwan Ali at rizwan@uoguelph.ca

PARKING: Free parking is available for the seminar attendees at parking lot P30.

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Speaker 1:

Title: Perspectives on a Sustainable Bioeconomy
By: David B. Layzell, Ph.D, FRSC, Executive Director, Institute for Sustainable Energy, Environment & Economy (ISEEE),
University of Calgary, Calgary, Alberta T2N 1N4

Summary: Biological systems have been in the business of managing the earth's atmosphere and climate for hundreds of millions of years. Therefore, in world where fossil fuel greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions are forcing climate change, it is reasonable to explore how biological systems could provide a 'green' energy alternative. My talk will being by providing an overview of the Canadian energy system, show how it has changed over the past 30 years, and point to where it is heading. With this background in mind, I will discuss the challenges and opportunities for the transformation to a 'made-in-Canada' sustainable bioeconomy.

Speaker 2:

Title: The Challenges in Marketing BioPlastics
By: Steve Mojo, Executive Director, Biodegradable Products Institute New York, USA

Summary : “Bioplastics” have been gaining popularity over the past 10 years. Witness the growth of PLA and the advent of BioPE. This presentation will cover the key issues and questions that the manufacturers and users of these materials face, as they develop and introduce applications based on these new polymers. 

Speaker 3:

Title: Sustainability of Agriculture in Canada
By: Don O'Connor, President , S&T Squared Consultants, Delta, BC Canada.

Summary: Sustainability of agriculture is a topic of intense concern around the world. Interest is being driven by government regulations, increased trade (especially in biofuels and biofuel feedstocks), and consumer interest. Are all of the concerns about food vs. fuel, indirect land use change real or are they exaggerated? What does the current debate mean for bio-chemicals and bio-materials? How do Canadian practices stack up with producers from around the world? These and other questions will be address in the presentation.

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